Baltimore Orioles: Welcome to The Orange Crush!

Greetings Baltimore Orioles fans! Do I really need to introduce myself? Many of you know me from various other sites – mainly Birds Watcher. I spent five years as the Senior Editor there, all for which I’m very grateful.

As I’ve said on numerous social media outlets, I’d like to thank each and every person who ever took the time to read my coverage of the Orioles and/or comment on it during that time period. And please know that I sincerely mean that. No column is anything without readers – otherwise it’s just empty space out in the cyber-world. So to my “longtime readers,” know that you’ve made a positive difference in my life.

If you’ve made it this far, I gather that you’re either a new reader or you’ve followed me over. Funny how that happens! So you might have a few questions, and I’m going to attempt to answer them. First off, the title; I have an admitted affinity for the Mid-Atlantic region’s “native summertime beverage.” So given that one of the Orioles’ primary colors is orange, I felt it was a nice play on words – you get the idea, I’m sure.

Secondly, what can you the fans expect from this new column? And the answer to that is very simple: I don’t attach my name to unprofessional writing – at least I try not to do so. That’s not to say that I don’t have an opinion on what’s going on with the Orioles at any given time, because that’s part of my job. But if you’re looking for a column that’s going to say rah rah, look at the Birds fly!, this isn’t for you.

In the same respect, if you’re looking for the type of crass and in your face type of negativity that you sometimes see on other columns and on the streets, this isn’t for you either. As an example, one of the big stories of the abrupt end to the Orioles’ season was whether or not Buck Showalter should have inserted Zach Britton in the AL Wild Card game. My personal opinion was that it was best to leave Britton until he was meant to pitch – at the end with a lead.

Many fans saw things differently – and that’s okay. But you won’t see the type of sensationalized coverage that you see in other spots here at The Orange Crush. That’s not how I fly. It’s always fair to ask questions, but I also try to call it down the middle. So had this column been up and running at the time, you wouldn’t have seen an article from me saying fire Showalter.

So what can fans expect in the immediate interim? Well, spring training is unfortunately a long ways away! But the Orioles have always been able to keep me busy throughout the off-season. So check back on a daily basis for news and updates as it comes. I anticipate a very active and interesting hot stove season this year, so stick with me!

Oh, one other thing; I’m not the most creative guy in the world when it comes to graphics, pictures, etc. But I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about baseball and I’d like to hope and believe that the coverage of the team that I’ve provided over time in print is accurate and fair. So you probably aren’t going to see fancy polls, pictures, graphics, etc. here at Orange Crush. But I stand behind the product I put out in print – to me that’s the most important part of any article. Is it possible that the look or feel to the site will change at some point? Sure. But the content is always more important than anything else in my mind.

Let me be frank; this isn’t Birds Watcher. I was privileged to write for the Fansided Network for so long, as their readership is vast. However I never felt that I “worked” for Fansided or anyone else – except for the people of Baltimore and Orioles fans. That’s who I’m here for, and that’s on who’s behalf I’ve always written. So once again to all who are reading this today, stick with me – it’s going to be a fun off-season! Every year I wonder how we’re going to make it through until spring training once again, but we always do. So in closing on this maiden post, I once again welcome one and all to this new site, The Orange Crush! And as goes my traditional conclusion to comment replies, THANKS FOR READING!



  1. Kelly Witherspoon

    Although I’m a Cubs fan, this is a informative blog for one of the local teams. I’ve followed Domenic’s writings for a few years now. Give him a follow.

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