Baltimore Orioles: Is Dan Duquette tough to get along with?

With so many changes having already come down the pike for the Baltimore Orioles, there’s a question that needs to be asked about Dan Duquette. Is he tough – maybe too tough – to get along with? Why would I be asking that about Duquette and not Showalter?

And the answer to that second question is because Duquette’s the one who hands out the contracts. It seems that a lot of guys are choosing to walk away for whatever the reason may be. Dom Chiti said that Duquette never returned his calls (Duquette disputed this fact). Rick Peterson bizzarrely seemed to be bounced from the organization. Among others.

Looking specifically at Chiti for a moment, he’s the type of guy that was never afraid of expressing his views on where the organization was going and so forth. So if he felt Duquette was erring in judgement, he would say so. So again given that, is Duquette possibly too tough to get along with?

It’s hard to say for sure what goes on behind closed doors. Needless to say, Duquette’s record speaks for itself – he’s had the Orioles in the playoffs three years out of five. He’s gotten very good at finding diamonds in the rough for the Orioles, and that’s to his credit. Many detracts will also point to the likes of Jimenez and Gallardo as quite the opposite. However mind you that not one expeert/writer (myself included) thought those were bad moves at the time.

However the fact is that we now live in a world where people are increasingly wary of working for someone who’s thought of as being a “pill.” And that may not necessarily be a bad thing per se. Nobody wants to take on additional struggles in their life. However I would submit that the character of one’s boss is probably weighed more heavily now than ever in the past in deciding whether to take a job or stay at one.

If in fact Duequette himself if an issue, undoubtedly he probably knows that he has this reputation. And if that’s the case, he might want to soften up just a bit. Granted I recognize that there’s an incredible amount of pressure in all of these jobs to succeed and succeed now. But if good people refuse to come to your organization, it’s tough to do that. Worse yet, if you continually lose good people from your organization, things become all the more difficult in the immediacy of today.


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