Baltimore Orioles non-tender Vance Worley

If you had Vance Worley as being a part of the 2017 Baltimore Orioles, YOU LOST! Worley was officially non-tendered by the club yesterday, meaning he won’t be an Oriole in 2017. Well, I suppose there’s a chance he could be on the team, but not anywhere remotely near likely.

Worley at times played a big role on the Birds in 2016, and at times looked good. However he always seemed to have the potential to blow up in the Orioles’ faces as well, which is potentially why he was non-tendered. Worley is now a free agent in a sense.

Wednesdays acquisition of Logan Verrett from the Mets seemed to seal Worley’s fate, as the Orioles feel that they can now get younger and better in a bullpen that was already potentially the best in the league. Whether the Orioles are done adding to the bullpen however is another story.

As we progress into the Winter Meetings next week, what they are trying to do is add a corner outfielder/DH. There are a few players on Dan Duquette’s radar, however it remains to be seen whether or not any of them are brought back to Baltimore this year after the Winter Meetings.

Aside from Worley, every other arbitration-elibible player was tendered a contract by the Orioles. Their goal is to not have to go to arbitration with anyone next spring, which certainly makes things a lot easier. However with that said, it should probably be the players saying that, because as we know the O’s don’t lose arbitration cases!


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