Baltimore Orioles: What to expect from the Winter Meetings?

What should fans expect out of the Baltimore Orioles at this coming week’s Winter Meetings? I’m going to say not much; aside from the normal Rule 5 pick, at least. But I’m not expecting the Birds to make the short trip home from DC (or Oxon Hill, MD to be techincal) with any big ticket items. That’s just my view at least.

Mark Trumbo is probably the biggest prize out there, and I’m not sure how realistic it would be to expect him to sign in Baltimore again. Last year of course the buzz was all about Chris Davis, and in fact we said the same thing – how realistic is it really that he’ll re-sign with the O’s? Now of course we know that while he certainly didn’t sign during the Winter Meetings, he did end up back in Baltimore. This of course after a curtain call in front of the Camden Faithful on the final day of the 2015 season!

Nevertheless, I’d honestly be surprised if Trumbo signed anywhere this week. I suspec that a lot of teams and even agents will use this week to either begin or come close to closing deals. Seeing that things got down to the wire with collective bargaining this past week, that took the attention of quite a few people away from free agency.

But I would also remind fans that it’s not just free agency that comes up during the Winter Meetings. Trades sometimes go down as well. And it makes sense given that the entire baseball world converges on that one place for the entire week. The Orioles are in the hunt for a corner outfielder/DH, potentially to replace the aforementioned Trumbo. Might they take that route instead?

Again, I’m not expecting anything more than a Rule 5 pick to go down this week. I might be wrong, but that’s just my hunch. The Orioles are rarely active during this time period. For sure they’re out there wheeling and dealing, however Dan Duquette’s “hot stove” season really doesn’t start until February – and it often stretches into March. And that includes once Grapefruit League play has begun.

But this is always an interesting week around baseball to say the least. It gives people like me something about which to write in the sense that there’s often news or waves coming out of the meetings. Needless to say, it sure beats most other weeks during the off season!


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