Baltimore Orioles showing interest in Mark Trumbo?

In one of the first pieces of news at the Winter Meetings, GM Dan Duquette told reporters yesterday that the Baltimore Orioles have been in talks with Mark Trumbo. In fact, the Birds have made him two competitive offers since the end of the season. That’s something that should be big for fans; the Birds aren’t immediately cutting their losses on Trumbo. They’re tying to keep him.

While Duquette didn’t get into specifics, he made it clear that the Orioles were engaged wtih Trumbo and that they’re love to have him back (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

We’ve had several conversations with Mark Trumbo, but we haven’t been able to cinch a deal with him. In the past, we’ve made a couple offers to him. We’ve had a dialogue going with him for several weeks.

Again, that’s something that should give Orioles fans some hope. None of this of course means that Trumbo will stay in Baltimore, mind you. In fact, I would submit that that odds are still greater that he leaves than they are that he stays. But the O’s aren’t takin this lying down, they’re trying to continually find a solution for their 2017 team.

There were also rumors yesterday to the effect that the Orioles had re-signed third baseman Manny Machado, which were immediately dispelled. Duquette even said that the Birds weren’t in active negotiations with Machado at the moment, which sent shock waves around the twitterverse. The Birds aren’t actively trying to re-sign Machado – right now. Calm yourselves, people. That doesn’t mean that in the future they won’t try t re-sign him!

Going back to Trumbo for a moment, apparently Colorado has emerged as a team that’s also showing interest in him. The knock on Trumbo is that his production this past year with the O’s could have been an anamoly, and of course that as he ages more and more it will go down. Going to a place like Colorado could safegaurd against that, as we know the ball really flies there.

The Orioles of course have the fact that they’ll get a draft pick from whomever signs him going for them. But here’s a spin on that which could hurt – what if he signs late in the game and the team has already signed someone for whom they’ve given up a draft pick? When the O’s signed Jimenez they had already given up their first round pick, so they only surrendered a second rounder…

…if a similar thing happened here, the Birds might not get the first rounder they’re expecting. But at the end of the day, fans should know that the Orioles are in the mix on Trumbo – for now.


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