Baltimore Orioles pull Mark Trumbo offeer off the table

According to multiple sources, the Baltimore Orioles have pulled their now former offer to free agent slugger Mark Trumbo off the table. So officially, the Birds are now out of the Trumbo sweepstakes. However this doesn’t mean that the negotiating is over; often this type of move is simply a negotiating tactic. At least that’s how it was with Chris Davis last year.

Right around this time in fact, the Birds pulled their offer to Davis. He ended up signing anywys, in February. Colorado appears to be another team that has heavy interest in Trumbo, although it’s believed that the O’s had the best offer on the table.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit surprised that Trumbo’s still out there. I would have thought for sure that some team would have already snatched him up. Towards the end of the regular season I thought it was going to be Boston. With Ortiz retiring I figured they were going to need a DH – and Trumbo would have slid into their lineup almost perfectly.

But if Boston’s kicked the tires on Trumbo at all, it’s been kept under wraps. However I just figured that someone would have snatched him up by now. At what point does the price start to go down a bit?

Again, it’s believed that the Orioles’ offer was the best one on the table up to that point. Obviously Trumbo and his agent feel that if they wait long enough someone (possibly the Orioles) will give them a better offer. It’s almost like a game of chicken in a way.

The Orioles were always going to make an offer on Trumbo, but with him still on the market they started to believe they could get him. So naturally they don’t want to wake up one morning and find out that he signed elsewhere. But obviously a lot of other teams are wary of his age and the potential for reduced production as well. Tie will tell.

I’ll be surprised if Trumbo has to wait until February to find a team like Davis did. I’m still shocked that Davis had to wait that long. But then again, I also thought Trumbo would have signed somewhere by this point. So you never know. Will the Orioles make a new offer at some point? I suspect they will. Does that mean Trumbo will return to Baltimore? That’s still very much up in the air.


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