Baltimore Orioles: Wrap your presents, Birds fans!

Merry Christmas Eve, Baltimore Orioles fans! I’m going to keep this short and sweet for the next couple of days. Admittedly I’m in holiday mode, as I’m sure are many of you. So why are you reading a baseball column with that said?!

Being of Italian descent, this is “the holiday” in my culture. Christmas Eve is the feast of seven fishes in the Italian tradition. I’m not at all clear what those seven fishes are meant to be, as we’ve Marylandized it a bit. We’ve always done crab cakes, clams oysters, among other things. And plenty of Old Bay!

So what gifts are the Orioles wrapping for fans this year? It’s always tough to say, however I maintain that a playoff birth is one worth mentioning. But that was 2016. What about next year?

Again, hard to say. But I would expect a solution to the perpetual RF/DH situation, as well perhaps as some additional support in the bullpen. Not that the Orioles need it, but depth is always a good thing.

Nevertheless, my wish for anyone reading this is that you have a wonderful Christmas Eve night – regardless of your plans. Just another few short months until Spring Training – and that’s a great gift, for the record!


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