Baltimore Orioles trade Gallardo for Seth Smith

If you had the Baltimore Orioles tradining for outfielder Seth SmithYOU WON!!! The Birds yesterday traded Yovani Gallardo to Seattle for the veteran outfielder. Gallardo and cash considerations, to be exact.

Smith is your run-of-the-mill journeyman utilityman, who’s been with several different teams. He’s a career .261 hitter who averages 16 home runs per year. That’s hardly going to jump off the page and hit anyone. However he’s also getting on base at a .344 clip for his career, which is something that the Orioles have been trying to hock for some time.

Odds are Smith will slide into the role of right fielder, and perhaps a bit in left. Again, Smith isn’t going to set any team records or help the team to pack the yard – per se. But if he can get himself on base and play solid defense, he might help them as much as anyone else.

This also gets Yovani Gallardo off the roster, and trading one salary for the other will save the Birds approximately $4 million. Not a heck of a lot, but there are some savings in there. Many fans of course won’t be sad to see Gallardo leave the team, as he disappointed last year after signing on February 25th. Me I give him a bit of a pass given his injury history; however it’s also worth mentioning that he’s going to a pitcher’s paradise in Seattle. It’s possible he’ll faire better.

And with that, the O’s have traded with the Seattle Mariners again. One would think that they wouldn’t want to trade with the Orioles again after being fleeced so many times. But the price was right, and apparently both teams filled a need. Executive VP Dan Duquette on Smith (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports:

Seth Smith is a veteran leader, good on-base man a proven hitter. We look forward to his contributions to the 2017 Orioles.

This also opens up a rotation spot, perhaps for the likes or Wright, Wilson, Bundy, or someone else not on the roster. The Orioles are still looking to fill holes in that regard. I wouldn’t expect the back half of the hot stove season to be quite as slow as the first part was.


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