Baltimore Orioles: Matt Wieters is still out there

With all of the emphasis on Trumbo, it’s worth mentioning that now former Baltimore Orioles catcher Matt Wieters is still out on the free agent market as well. Wieters of course came up with the Orioles in 2009, and has been on the team ever since. He signed a qualifying offer to stay with the O’s last off season…

…but this year the team didn’t slap one on him. So he’s out there to be signed without any strings attached. I do find it interesting that he’s still out there. What gives?

If I were a team looking for a starting catcher, Wieters would be tops on my list. To make him even more attractive, as I said there are no strings attached. So why aren’t teams rushing to sign Wieters?

Probably for the same reason the Orioles are waiting on certain players: money. If you have a reasonable expectation that the player will still be out there and that you can wait until even as late as February, why give that player big money when you can avoid it? To me, that’s good business sense.

So the question is whether or not the O’s could still bring Wieters back if they so desired. And the answer to that is yes. We all know that the O’s are a better team with Matt Wieters as opposed to without him. Welington Castillo and Wieters could easily share catching duties, with Wieters DHing a bit as well. So where does that leave Caleb Joseph?

If this scenario were to come to pass (which I don’t believe that it will), Joseph might well be very valuable to the Orioles on the trade market. Could the Orioles not potentially re-stock their farm system in a piecemeal manner by unloading a player of Joseph’s caliber? I suspect that he would yield the Birds a prospect or two.

I’m not saying that this will happen, or that it needs to. However with Wieters still out there, the Orioles would be foolish not to consider it. They’ve obviously moved on from Wieters with the acquisition of Castillo, however that’s not to say they should turn him away if he falls back into their laps.

You always use the resources that you’re given, and if they have an opportunity to get Wieters back they should do so. If that means trading Joseph, a fan favorite, so be it. As I said, they’d probably net themselves a prospect or two.


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