Baltimore Orioles re-sign Mark Trumbo

If you got a kick out of seeing Mark TrumboMark Trumbo in a Baltimore Orioles’ uniform last year, you’re in luck! As of late yesterday afternoon, the Birds agreed in principle to a deal that will keep the former free agent slugger in Baltimore. Pending a physical, Trumbo and the Orioles have a three-year deal in place, reportedly worth just below $40 million.

Speaking for myself, I think that’s a bargain. Trumbo was a huge factor in the Orioles’ offense last year, and he was going to be a tough act to follow. He still will be a tough act to follow – he’ll be taxed with replicating last year’s production.

Whether or not this was the right move for the Orioles remains to be seen. Many detractors point to his lack of defensive skills, although he actually had a fairly respectable year in the field. However the season he had at the plate would be tough to replicate.

Again, detractors will say that he’ll be going into the downside of his career and that it’s unrealistic to hope he can continue at that pace. However many of the same people wanted the Orioles to make a move. Well, they made a move. And personally I think it was the right move.

This signals that the Orioles are going to continually try to be competitive in 2017. They recognized that there would be a huge hole in their offense if they didn’t re-sign Trumbo or at least replace him. They went for him – and they got him.

Obviously the deal is pending a physical – so they still have to get over that hurdle. We all know the Orioles’ history with physicals, so it’s perhaps more than a mere formality. Having said that, we also know that more often than not the Orioles have tended to be right when it came to these physicals. But that’s a different story.

Trumbo is also a guy who fit into the Orioles’ clubhouse very well, so I’m sure that Buck and company are going to be happy to have him back from that perspective as well. Building a team isn’t easy, but the O’s took a big step yesterday in building their team moving into 2017.


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