Baltimore Orioles: More on Matt Wieters

As I’ve said before, I’m shocked that former Baltimore Orioles’ catcher, Matt Wieters, is still out there on the free agent market. If I were him, I’d be looking at my agent (Scott Boras) and wonder what the heck is goin on. There’s little doubt that if Boras wasn’t so stingy and stubborn at times, Wieters might already either be back with the Orioles or have a new team.

Incidentally, it’s probably to the Orioles’ credit that they found a new direction in Castillo and all but immediately moved on. I suspect that they wanted no part of Boras’ reindeer games, and knew that the only thing they stood to gain from being in whatever Wieters sweepstakes were going to be out there was next-to-nothing. Odds are the Orioles would have been leveraged to get more money out of other teams, and then they would haave been unceremoniously jilted at the altar.

Supposedly there are teams that are still interested – including the Orioles (according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick). Crasnick says that they’re a long shot, but they could do exactly what I said they might consider doing earlier in the off season: platooning Wieters and Castillo and then DHing him the rest of the time. It’s an idea for sure, and one that could incidentally yield the Birds a couple of prospects at the deadline as well.

But again, I really feel that Boras has really overplayed his hand on this one. Only he knows what kind of offers have been out there thus far, but needless to say I suspect that someone has made an offer on Wieters. I just don’t see him coming back to Baltimore, regardless of the role he might play. But stranger things have happened.


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