Baltimore Orioles sign Johnny Giatovella to a minor league deal

The Baltimore Orioles signed former Anaheim Angel Johnny Giavotella to a minor league deal yesterday. Giavotella was Anaheim’s Opening Day second baseman in 2015 and 2016, and last year hit .260 with six homers and 20 doubles. If my memory serves me at least one of those home runs came against the Orioles.

I suspect that this is more of a depth move than anything else. The Orioles will probably want to have a guy waiting in the minors who could step right in if someone gets hurt at some point. In that vain, I would expect Giavotella to get considerable reps in spring training.

Speaking of which, have I mentioned lately that the Orioles have games THIS MONTH?! For those of you who have followed me for some time as writer…first off, thank you! But that means I’ll be dusting off my game recap skills once again very soon.

Game recaps in spring training are difficult to write because the games rarely ebb or flow. I usually come out of spring training wondering if I’ve lost my touch given how poor some of the game recaps have been – but then the real games start and I realize there’s a huge difference! So that’s on the horizon as a coming attraction – stay tuned.


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