Baltimore Orioles: To the National League?

When it comes to my own competitors covering the Baltimore Orioles, let’s just say that I read my share of articles from varying people. I noticed one yesterday by Camden Chat’s Chris Booze, advocating the Orioles move to the National League. As a person who admires the National League game, I clicked on it and read it.

First off, I highly recommend reading the article, as Mr. Booze makes some wonderful points. In short however, he wonders aloud if switching the O’s to the National League East might not be a part of a future realignment of some sort. Speaking for myself, I would welcome it.

National League baseball is old school baseball. And I’m an old school baseball type of guy (within reason – I am a fan of instant replay, but that’s another story). Whenever the O’s go on the road in a National League city, I love having the opportunity to see the pitchers hit. I’ve always hated the DH, and I think it takes the strategy out of the game.

I recognize that I’m in the minority, because even in Mr. Booze’s article he references the fact that American League games are more exciting. But are we simply trying to sell a few more tickets, or play the game in as pure a form as possible. My point’s always been that a pitcher should be just as accountable for hitting as anyone else on the field. It allows him to take ownership of run support in a way.

But we all know the strategy that comes with the National League game as well. Double-switches, pinch-hitters, etc. That’s part of baseball, although I’ll grant you that perhaps in the old days it wasn’t so much a part of the game. Pitchers pitched complete games in those days.

Obviously the one issue with this is that the traditional AL East rivalries would cease to exist from the Orioles’ standpoint. However would it not just feel “right” having division rivalries with Washington and Philadelphia? It would make for easy travel to road games, among other things.

Is this going to happen? Probably not. Or at least not at anytime soon. But it’s a thought. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t mind it.


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