Baltimore Orioles: “Come Monday”

As the Jimmy Buffet song goes, “…come Monday it’ll b alright” for the Baltimore Orioles. Pitchers and catchers are due to report then, which unofficially begins the 2017 season in Birdland. Pitchers and catchers reporting is always an exciting day, although nothing really happens per se. But as I said, it unofficially begins a new season…

…and everything that goes with it! A baseball season is a grind, and these guys will be together until the autumn starting next week. For their sake, you have to hope they’re ready for that.

Position players will report roughly one week later, and in essence two weeks from today is Grapefruit League Opening Day. That means it’s gameday – Orioles vs. Tigers! But regardless of who’s playing, who’s on the travel roster, or anything else, bats start cracking and gloves start popping on Monday. “Come Monday it’ll be alright.”


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